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Our clients have shared many testimonies with us over the years. Here is a selection of testimonies that our clients have documented and given us permission to publish:

I Am Pain Free Now And Getting Better.

“Dr. Paul Tse relieved my arthritis pain in my hips, shoulder, arms, hands and legs. Also, he kept my eyesight and hearing stable for the last 5 years. My memory is improving too.”

- Mrs. P. C. Swanson*, Retired, Calgary

Life Looks Much Brighter

I was sitting at his doorstep feeling like I wanted to commit suicide – I was so depressed. After one treatment I felt like a more sane normal human being and the day was looking so much brighter – it only took about 15 minutes. The best part is I feel calm.

– Sharon Stone*, Acting Consultant

Acupuncture Relieved Severe Pain and Headaches

When I first came for acupuncture, I was suffering from severe lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain and was experiencing numbness in the toes in both my feet. After several treatments, the numbness in my toes was relieved, as was the severe discomfort.
I also seeked relief from severe headaches due to the weather changes. I found that the acupuncture treatments gave me great relief and I also got rid of the nausea associated with the headaches.

– Marlene Howard*, Sales Manager, Calgary

I Am So Excited About The Remarkable Improvements In My Health

I have only been coming less than 2 months and my fatigue is greatly lessened and I feel better physically than I have in over 15 years. With continued treatments I expect a full recovery. I am so excited about the remarkable improvements in my health.

- Laurie Wordie*, Housewife, Calgary

I Highly Recommend Anyone Who Is Experiencing Chronic Pain To Try Acupuncture With Dr. Paul Tse

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving on the Deerfoot Trail. For the following year after the accident my lower back was in constant pain. The pain was radiating all the way down my left leg (almost to my ankle). I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain medication daily. I was seeing a physiotherapist twice a week as well as a massage therapist and chiropractor weekly. This course of treatment did manage the pain but it wasn’t correcting the problem. Finally I came to see Dr. Paul Tse. Within three weeks the pain in my left leg had stopped (and has never returned) and my back is showing steady improvements. Dr. Paul Tse has also given me hope that over time and continued treatment my back will make a full recovery. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing chronic pain to try acupuncture with Dr. Paul Tse. I know it is working for me.

– Nadine LeBlanc*, Kindergarten Teacher, Calgary

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*All of the client’s names are used with permission