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Mind Body Therapy

Mind Body Therapy (M.B.T.) can help solve many problems related to the mind and body such as:

  • Bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.)
  • Eating Disorders and weight problems
  • Emotional problems (anxiety, grief, depression, phobias, stress, resentment, nervousness, low self-esteem, excessive worrying and anger, etc.)
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • Sexual problems
  • P.M.S. (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
  • Pain (headaches, migraines, physical and/or emotional pain, etc.)

M.B.T. can also help improve:

  • Relationships, memory, sports skills, public speaking, performance, problem solving skills, learning ability, health, happiness, personal power, success, confidence, motivation, concentration, relaxation, self image, etc.

M.B.T. is safe, effective and makes you feel good! It is one of the unique therapies Dr. Paul Tse uses to banish health destructing factors or negative thought patterns, resulting in positive changes.

As a result of M.B.T., many of Dr. Paul Tse’s patients are able to quit smoking, control their weight, get rid of anger, improve memory, gain more energy, sleep better and relax easier, etc. Here are some of many successful testimonies from Dr. Paul Tse’s clients (all the client’s names are used with permission.):

“I was on strong painkillers to relieve the severe back and hip pain I’ve had for years. With Dr. Paul Tse’s treatment, I have less pain and was able to cut my dose of painkillers in half. This is the FIRST time in many months that I am able to play tennis! With continued treatments, I expect to be off all my painkillers.
Dr. Paul Tse not only helped ease my pain, he has also improved my overall health. After one year of his treatment, I lost 35 pounds of excess weight. Now I am more relaxed, I feel a sense of well-being, and am more successful in my business. I am getting better and better in every aspect of my life, thanks to Dr. Paul Tse’s help!”
K. Riley, Calgary

“Before I went to see Dr. Paul Tse, I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, chemical sensitivity, allergies, anger and resentment [at an old issue]. I was extremely tired and ached all over. After a year of treatment, I have more energy and less pain. I sleep better, relax easier, and have reduced chemical sensitivities and allergies. Forgiveness comes much easier. The anger and resentment disappeared. I am better physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
C. Gingera, Calgary

“I used to overeat all the time, especially under stress. In addition, I had cold and restless legs that would move involuntarily frequently when I slept. After a few sessions of M.B.T. with Dr. Paul Tse, I am able to eat smaller portions of food and still feel satisfied. I am able to handle stress better. My legs are nice and warm now, my wife told me they are not moving involuntarily when I sleep, I feel wonderful”
T. Sebastian, Calgary

“Dr. Paul Tse’s M.B.T. helped me overcome tough times I’ve faced recently. He showed me my potential to creatively solve any problems in life. He also helped me handle stress effectively. Since seeing him, I have been in better health; I relax better, have a stronger immune system, and have more energy, thanks to his wonderful work.”
L. Lemieux, Calgary

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