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Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture Chlorella Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy What Acupuncture can do for you: (This information is courtesy of the Acupuncture Society of Alberta as a service to Albertans.) What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is one school of Oriental medicine which uses physical stimulation to encourage the healing process. Through the use of fine needles, finger pressure or electricity, acupuncture stimulates specific points but does not damage the nerves. This normalizes the flow of body energy, balances the relationship between the body organs and meridians and strengthens body immunity to prevent and heal body disorders. The goal of the treatment is harmony — this will cause disease to dissipate and prevent disease from occurring in the first place. Just as regular maintenance and tune-ups for a car are sensible, preventative health care makes sense for human beings. Who uses Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient medical tradition. There is evidence that over 5,000 years ago, people in the Orient were stimulating specific points in their body for health improvement. For almost 2,000 years, written records have collected techniques for acupuncture. Many different techniques have developed. The Acupuncture Society of Alberta has specialists in most of them. In total, many millions of people have relied on acupuncture treatments over thousands of years. Acupuncturists can be found all over the world. From Europe to Asia, the U.S.S.R to the U.S.A. Acupuncture is entering a Golden Age, California alone has 3,000 certified acupuncturists. Acupuncture is perhaps most famous for its lack of side effects. A safe and natural method of healing, it has stood the test of time. Its record of success is impressive. How does Acupuncture work? Acupuncture is first and foremost a natural healing method. It evolved out of the careful observation of the human body. Based on that observation, acupuncturists believe that proper treatments will: •normalize organ function, •regulate blood circulation and body metabolism, •regulate hormone secretions, •maintain the balance of body fluids and chemicals, •suppress or prevent pain, •maintain or improve muscular tone, •stimulate the body’s resistance to disease and thereby contribute to general physical and mental well-being. As yet, Western science has no satisfactory theory for acupuncture’s phenomenal success. Traditional Oriental theory however points to the role of life energy (qi) in human health. Maintaining the balance and flow of this energy through the organs and structures of the body is seen to be of greatest importance. Qi moves from organ to organ in the body though pathways called meridians. It completes the cycle, naturally enough in 24 hours. Acupuncture takes advantage of this tendency of qi to move. By inserting needles into the body at specific points to regulate the flow of qi, or to correct any imbalance between qi, blood and organs, the qualified acupuncturist can assist the body in improving health. Acupuncture works without side effects to prevent the occurrence of disease through strengthening the body’s defenses. It is simple, safe, effective and economical. What kind of problems are helped by Acupuncture? Acupuncture works to improve the strength of the source of health- qi. Because of this, it is effective in many diseases, even those which resist conventional treatment. common ailments respond well to acupuncture treatment such as: •migraine headaches •arthritis •tennis elbow •low back pain •duodenal ulcer •frozen shoulder •weight control •sinusitis •bronchitis •gastritis •osteoarthritis •stress reduction •neuralgia •sciatica •asthma •colitis •P.M.S. •quit smoking…and many other disorders For your specific health problem please consult your acupuncturist. Is there a risk from the Acupuncture Needles? No. Acupuncture needles are solid (not hollow like hypodermic needles). They are very fine, like a human hair. Even more importantly, all members of the Acupuncture society of Alberta are pledged to use disposable sterile needles. Needles are used once and then destroyed. Acupuncture Society of Alberta members are working diligently to make acupuncture more available to Albertans. Your help in this worthwhile cause is appreciated. Dependable, Natural Health Care! Acupuncture is an ancient health practice which comes from the Orient. A range of techniques are used to stimulate and balance the healing vital energy in your body. This energy is called qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Acupuncture has been practiced for decades in Alberta but only in the last 15 years, with the appearance of public clinics, has treatment become easily available. The Acupuncture Society of Alberta and the provincial government have been working since 1985 to establish formal certification for the practice of acupuncture here in Alberta. Acupuncture’s health and safety record is the envy of other professions in Alberta. This pamphlet answers some of the most common questions about acupuncture. For further information please contact a health practitioner who is a member of the Acupuncture Society of Alberta. Members subscribe to the highest standards of professional practice, using sterile disposable needles, safe equipment and attending regular professional educational seminars. Choose an acupuncturist who is working for you. The Acupuncture Society of Alberta The Acupuncture Society of Alberta is a provincial association of professional acupuncturists. It represents acupuncturists from all the major traditions and works with the provincial government to establish regulations and credentials for professional, safe acupuncture practice. Formed in 1978, the Acupuncture Society of Alberta is dedicated to making acupuncture as available to Albertans as it is to other Canadians and Americans across North America.  This brochure is provided to you by the Acupuncture Society of Alberta member listed below, support professional, safe health care– and ask your acupuncturist for full details: Back to top What is chlorella? Chlorella is a small green one-celled algae. Chlorella gets its name from “chlor” for green and “ella” for small. Scientists have been studying this simple plant for the past sixty years and have published over 800 scientific articles about it. Chlorella contains the highest concentration of chlorophyll of any known plant. It also contains natural vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, anti-cancer agents (*1), anti-viral agents and chlorella growth factor (C.G.F). Being present for over 2.5 billion years, it has incredible strength of vital energy for survival. Under fertile growing conditions and strong sunlight, each chlorella cell divides into four new cells within one day. Each new cell contains life supporting elements to make it survive by itself and keep on dividing into four new cells again and again! This most unusual characteristic in chlorella and its contents thus provide very unusual healing properties: it detoxifies, stimulates the immune system, improves bowel function, enhances the body repair, guards cellular integrity and promotes longevity without undesirable side effects. What benefits can chlorella provide? According to the scientific studies and from many health professionals, chlorella is effective in: •Detoxifying toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, pesticides, insecticides and P.C.B. from the body (some of these chemicals are present in the polluted environment and the food chain that enters the body either knowingly or unknowingly, which can be dangerous to health). •Stimulating the immune system. It has been shown that the hot extract of chlorella stimulates the immune system by producing interferons which are proteins that stimulate macrophage activity. The substance in chlorella responsible for this phenomenon is known as chlorellan which resides in the chemical group of very large branched polysaccharides. This group has been receiving great attention lately for their interferon stimulating qualities. There are many other research papers that have been written on the immune function of chlorella. •Wound healing. •Pancreatitis •Pyorrhea (bleeding of the gums and loose teeth) •P.M.S. •Liver toxicity, hangovers from alcohol consumption, bowel toxicity, constipation, viral infections, ulcers, skin problems, allergies, arthritis, atherosclerosis, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, low libido, diabetes, depression, hypoglycemia, body odors, hormone imbalance, stress, eczema, jet lag, drug addiction, tobacco withdrawal, herpes simplex, gout, obesity, fibrous cysts, the common cold, flu, Epstein-Barr virus syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida yeast associated problems, etc. •Regeneration •Improve energy •Improve memory Why is chlorella superior to other green products on the market? Only chlorella contains chlorella cell wall and C.G.F. which are responsible for its detoxification and immunostimulation actions. Barley green juice, spirulina, alfalfa and any other green products do not have these unique features. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll by weight than any other plant, 5 times more chlorophyll than spirulina and 10 times more than alfalfa. It also contains 19 amino acids (building blocks for cell repair and maintenance) in its natural state. It is also the richest source of RNA and DNA among all known food substances; these nucleic acids are essential for repairing damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting health and slowing down the aging process. Chlorella has everything to make itself sustainable so that in a natural environment, each chlorella cell can live and reproduce rapidly by itself. It has tremendous life supporting energy and nutrients. All these unique features make chlorella one of the best health foods for detoxification, immunostimulation and normalization of body function. Also, more scientific researches have been done on chlorella than many other health products to prove its effectiveness. What is the nutritional content of the Double Springs Natural Chlorella? The following is the detailed nutritional content per 15 tablets (3g):  Calories: 10 / Fat: 0 g / sodium: 0 g / carbohydrates: 0.5 g / fiber: 36 mg / sugars: 0 g / protein: 2 g / vitamin A : 903 I.U. / vitamin C: 1 mg / calcium: 8 mg / iron: 4mg / zinc: 2 mg / vitamin B1: 51 mcg / vitamin B2: 239 mcg / vitamin B6: 30 mcg / vitamin B12: 5 mcg / vitamin E: 267 mcg / folic acid: 69 mcg / ß-Carotene: 1623 mcg / total carotene: 10, 410 mcg / potassium: 39 mg / magnesium: 8 mg / phosphorous: 42 mg / chlorophyll: 75 mg / ß- glucan: 50 mg / DNA: 20 mg / RNA: 130 mg / SOD: 0.06 x 106 units / C.G.F.: 0.06 units / inositol: 4 mg (Some figures shown have been rounded up.) Trace nutrients: iodine, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, copper, PABA, manganese and cobalt. All are naturally occurring nutrients in our chlorella. What makes Double Springs Natural Chlorella different from other chlorella? There are many brands of chlorella on the market. Most brands use the milling process to grind up the chlorella to break the cell wall to achieve a higher digestibility. During the milling process, it is exposed to oxygen and higher heat which may damage the nutrients. The Double Springs Natural Chlorella is one of the few brands that does not. We gently crack the cell wall, so all of the nutrients retain their original natural potency and digestibility. The Double Springs Natural Chlorella is cultivated in a clean environment, with fresh water, and an abundance of natural sunlight without the use of any herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers or other harmful chemicals. Our manufacturer is one of the very few that meets the Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) Guidelines, is certified by the International Standard Organization (I.S.O.) and is one of the major suppliers to Japan, Canada and the U.S.A. Also, our chlorella is highly recommended by many health professionals due to its efficacy. So the choice is clear: Double Springs Natural Chlorella. How does the Double Springs Natural Chlorella help in weight control? The Double Springs Natural Chlorella can control body weight because its natural wholesome nutrients can normalize cravings for food. When taken 15 to 30 tablets daily, plus an extra 15 tablets with a full glass of water whenever there is a craving, chlorella can gradually help control appetite. Many find taking Double Springs Chlorella daily is the best to curb the craving for sweets, chocolate, bread, salt, and junk food, hence, controlling weight naturally and healthily. What do I expect? Most people find chlorella helps them feel a sense of well being and eliminate more regularly because of its cleansing effect. Some may not feel a difference because it is a natural wholesome food and not a drug; therefore no dramatic (side) effects are experienced. For the health maintenance purposes, take 15 to 30 tablets daily, even if no difference is felt, because the feeling may not mean anything; just the same as many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc, may be symptom free even during its progress. If you wait till you are sick and take chlorella, then taking it patiently and regularly is necessary, because it does take time to heal. Chlorella is proven to detoxify, rejuvenate, normalize and heal the body even if there may or may not be any noticeable difference. Back to top What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a form of suggestion. There are two types of hypnosis: awaken and relaxed state of hypnosis. Advertisements, speeches, pictures or writing, etc. that are attempting to suggest an idea while you are awake is a form of awaken type of hypnosis. Relaxed state of hypnosis occurs when you are put into a relaxed state and given a suggestion. You experience a state of hypnosis every time in the moments before you drift off to sleep or before you wake up. Anytime you are fully focused on an activity and not paying attention to the surroundings– reading, watching a movie, doing a hobby, daydreaming or driving , you are already in a natural state of hypnosis. So, everyone experiences a hypnotic state of mind everyday. How does Hypnosis work? Hypnosis is possible because all human can be subject to suggestion. When you are relaxed, your critical mind (conscious mind) can be suspended and your subconscious mind, having no power to reason, accepts and acts on the suggestion given. Your subconscious mind controls all of your habits, emotions, self-image, and various types of health problems. Hypnotherapist can suggest to your subconscious mind to eliminate unwanted habits, negative emotions, poor self-image, and various types of health problems to achieve the desired results. Hypnosis operates on the principle that “what the mind causes, the mind can cure.” Since many human problems originate from the mind, hypnosis is one method that can alleviate or eliminate the problems . Hypnosis is one of the most direct ways to get rid of problems of the mind. What is hypnosis used for? Hypnosis, when used in hypnotherapy, can help solve problems related to the mind and body (see details at Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy). Hypnosis is now recognized by many medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, and other health professionals for the treatment of many health problems. What is the difference between hypnosis and self-hypnosis? All hypnosis is categorized as self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist merely directs and leads you into the hypnotic state. If you do not wish to undergo hypnosis, it would be impossible for the hypnotherapist to put you into the hypnotic state. You are always in control of the hypnotic state and also in control of the depth of response. Do I lose control when under hypnosis? No, as mentioned above, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are able to hear everything when under hypnosis. You always have the choice to take or refuse any suggestion. Since a qualified doctor conducts this treatment, you are always protected by the law. Do I hear anything when under hypnosis? Yes, you will hear everything the hypnotherapist says. The session is only effective when you can hear the verbal suggestions. Does hypnosis mean being put to sleep? Hypnosis does not necessary mean that you fall asleep. During hypnosis, your awareness is actually increased. Most people feel somewhat relaxed during hypnosis. Others may feel more relaxed or feel deeply relaxed, just like when you are sleepy. In order for you to hear the words spoken during hypnosis, he will ensure that you are relaxed but not asleep. Is hypnosis dangerous? No, since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, it is not dangerous. It is no more dangerous than reading, watching a movie, doing a hobby, or daydreaming during which a hynotic state of mind may naturally occur. When hypnosis is performed in this clinic, you can be assured that you are safe and protected by the law. Has anyone ever not waken up from hypnosis? It is not possible to not wake up from hypnosis because hypnosis is a natural state of mind that is experienced when falling asleep and waking up from normal sleep. Will I become dependent on hypnosis? No conscientious hypnotherapist would ever allow clients to become dependent upon hypnosis. The whole aim of effective hypnosis is to help the client eliminate problems associated with the mind and to enable them to be freed from their problems as quickly as possible. To date, there are no reports of dependence on hypnosis in his clinic. NOTES •Dr. David Steenblock: Chlorella, Natural medicinal Algae, Aging research Institute. •Health World; spring 1987, March, April 1989, and subsequent copies. •Bernard Jensen, Ph.D.; Chlorella: Gem of the Orient. •William H. Lee, R. Ph., Ph. D. and Micheal Rosenbaum, M.D.; Chlorella, the Sun-powered supernutrient and its beneficial properties. •Kanki Komiyama et al : An acidic polysaccharide, Chlon A from Chlorella Pyrenoidosa,The Kitasato Institute (Japan) Vol. 34 No.4 April 1986. •The information contained in this paper is based on the scientific studies, medical researches, and clinical observations by the universities and experts in Japan, Taiwan, Canada and USA. This is for educational purposes only Back to top FREE RESOURCES: “Rejuvenating Our Body” by Dr. Tse “Traditional Chinese Medicine” by Dr. Tse The healing properties of Chlorella The healing properties of Chlorella (Chinese Version) Arizona Daily Star Greg Williams


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