♦ Double Springs Natural Chlorella

Double Springs Natural Chlorella

A sun vitalized food for detoxification, immunostimulation and normalization of body function (*1 to *6)

What makes Double Springs Natural Chlorella different from other chlorella?

There are many brands of chlorella on the market. Most brands use the milling process to grind up the chlorella to break the cell wall to achieve a higher digestibility. During the milling process, it is exposed to oxygen and higher heat which may damage the nutrients. The Double Springs Natural Chlorella is one of the few brands that does not. We gently crack the cell wall, so all of the nutrients retain their original natural potency and digestibility.
The Double Springs Natural Chlorella is cultivated in a clean environment, with fresh water, and an abundance of natural sunlight without the use of any herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers or other harmful chemicals. Our manufacturer is one of the very few that meets the Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) Guidelines, is certified by the International Standard Organization (I.S.O.) and is one of the major suppliers to Japan, Canada and the U.S.A. Also, our chlorella is highly recommended by many health professionals due to its efficacy. So the choice is clear: Double Springs Natural Chlorella.

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What is the nutritional content of the Double Springs Natural Chlorella?

The following is the detailed nutritional content per 15 tablets (3g):
Calories: 10 / Fat: 0 g / sodium: 0 g / carbohydrates: 0.5 g / fiber: 36 mg / sugars: 0 g / protein: 2 g / vitamin A : 903 I.U. / vitamin C: 1 mg / calcium: 8 mg / iron: 4mg / zinc: 2 mg / vitamin B1: 51 mcg / vitamin B2: 239 mcg / vitamin B6: 30 mcg / vitamin B12: 5 mcg / vitamin E: 267 mcg / folic acid: 69 mcg / ß-Carotene: 1623 mcg / total carotene: 10, 410 mcg / potassium: 39 mg / magnesium: 8 mg / phosphorous: 42 mg / chlorophyll: 75 mg / ß-glucan: 50 mg / DNA: 20 mg / RNA: 130 mg / SOD: 0.06 x 106 / C.G.F.: 0.06 units / inositol: 4 mg (Some figures shown have been rounded up.)
Trace nutrients: iodine, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, copper, PABA, manganese and cobalt.
All are naturally occurring nutrients in our chlorella.

How does the Double Springs Natural Chlorella help in weight control?

The Double Springs Natural Chlorella can control body weight because its natural wholesome nutrients can normalize cravings for food. When taken 15 to 30 tablets daily, plus an extra 15 tablets with a full glass of water whenever there is a craving, chlorella can gradually help control appetite. Many find taking Double Springs Chlorella daily is the best to curb the craving for sweets, chocolate, bread, salt, and junk food, hence, controlling weight naturally and healthily.

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What should I expect?

Most people find chlorella helps them feel a sense of well being and eliminate more regularly because of its cleansing effect. Some may not feel a difference because it is a natural wholesome food and not a drug; therefore no dramatic (side) effects are experienced. For the health maintenance purposes, take 15 to 30 tablets daily, even if no difference is felt, because the feeling may not mean anything; just the same as many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc, may be symptom free even during its progress. If you wait till you are sick and take chlorella, then taking it patiently and regularly is necessary, because it does take time to heal. Chlorella is proven to detoxify, rejuvenate, normalize and heal the body even if there may or may not be any noticeable difference.


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  6. The information contained in this paper is based on the scientific studies, medical researches, and clinical observations by the universities and experts in Japan, Taiwan, Canada and USA. This is for educational purposes only.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult a qualified health professional.

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